Welcome to NaturOilHealth.com!  If you are here it is because you are interested in learning more about Essential Oils – go You!!!!  Getting here is half the battle. This is a place where you can learn about alternative natural (holistic) health and clean living solutions through the use of Young Living Essential Oils. From non-toxic cleaning to physical health and overall well-being, check back here for new applications, member testimonies and commentary as well as stories about my own personal oily journey.

What are Essential Oils?

Why Young Living?

How do I get started?

When Young Living was founded over 20 years ago, the management team decided that their products would be better sold by people who use them and could share their own personal success stories.  You can order Young Living products as a retail customer or you can become a wholesale member and get 24% off retail price. Retail customers can purchase full priced products at any time with no minimum spend and no need to purchase a Starter Kit.  To become a wholesale member, you would need to purchase a Starter Kit.  There are several options ranging from $45 to $210.  Our most popular is our Premium Starter Kit ($160) that includes 10 of our most popular oils, plus Stress Away, a Diffuser, sample oil packets and 2 Ningxia Red single serve packets.

You are not required to sell Young Living Products if you become a wholesale member. However, if you decide that you want to, you can!  Sometimes just sharing the products with your friends and family can result in a sale.  You can refer them to your Enroller or you can sign them up yourself and get paid!  You must spend $50/yr on product to maintain your membership.  If you do not spend $50/yr then your membership goes dormant and you may have to purchase a starter kit again to restart your membership.

That is it  – super easy, right?  There are no membership fees or minimum monthly spend requirements.  You do have the option to earn free spending dollars by signing up for Young Living’s Essential Rewards Program where you commit to a monthly order of 50 point value or more.

If you’d like to check out the starter kits or become a retail or wholesale member click here.  

Premium Starter Kit Video

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