Essential Oils – Your first line of defense..

The other night my husband and I sat down to eat dinner with our 5 year old.  Like any other night, our son was being crazy at the dinner table – climbing on the chair, under the table and walking in circles.  …And of course he did not want to eat what was put in front of him!  The comments started flying — Dad says “This is not a short order restaurant”, Mom “This is what we have, if you don’t eat, no more food until breakfast”, Son “I can’t eat ALL of this – it’s disgusting!”.  And so it goes night after night like many other homes around the World.

After dinner and dishes, my son and I retreated to the Family Room to play a game.  My husband was no longer sitting at the table and so I figured he went upstairs or in the garage.  About 30 minutes later, I noticed he was laying on the Living Room floor in abdominal distress.  I said, “why didn’t you tell me?  Let’s try an oil!”  And so I reached into my medicine cabinet and grabbed the TummyGize.  TummyGize is the kids version of Young Living’s Digize.  I remembered that a few weeks back our son had a stomachache  and within minutes of applying to his belly, he felt better.  And so, we agreed it was worth a try.  Shortly after application,  my husband joined in on our game in the Family Room.  I asked him if he felt better (already knowing he did!) and he begrudgingly answered  “yes”.  Like many (even me in the beginning) he is an oils skeptic.  For him it will take many instances such as this to make him a true believer.

While I cannot cure the pickiness of our children when it comes to dinnertime, I can tell you that Young Living’s Essential Oils for a first line of defense are worth a try!  This is not meant by any means to say that Essential Oils cure, prevent or treat disease.

Our bodies are all different and have different needs.  Certain Oils will work for some while others do not.  Going natural is worth a try!


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