In a slump? Reach your Highest Potential..

When I first came across ‘Highest Potential’ Essential Oil Blend from Young Living I was skeptical of it its powers to make me excel.  I was advised from a fellow oiler that putting ‘Motivation’ blend on one foot and ‘Highest Potential’ on the other would work wonders on my focus and ability to achieve my goals.  At first, I DESPISED the aroma of the oil.  It reminded me of a perfume my Grandmother used to buy for me at Christmastime from Avon.  While the aroma brought back these lovely memories, it definitely was not my favorite smell.

After going through a period of feeling a bit drained and unmotivated, I decided to try the oil.  I slathered my feet with a couple drops (NEAT/undiluted) and went to sleep.  The next day I felt better – completed some items on my task list and overall just felt a bit more motivated.  I tried it again the next night and the next day I was off to the races!  This oil is amazing I thought!  Since I felt back in my groove, I did not apply again for another week or so.  When I feel down, I apply it — it helps me and I actually LOVE and CRAVE the aroma from this amazing blend now.

Like I said, at first I was skeptical that the naming convention of some of the oil blends were just a marketing scheme and could not actually do what they imply.  Then I thought my mind was playing tricks on me – like it was a placebo effect.  BUT I am here to say that there is science behind this and that this oil has truly brought out my Highest Potential.  I use it when I am facing a challenging day or just need an extra boost.

Want to try it?  You can sign-up or order it retail here.

Treating Your Skin From the Inside Out!

While searching the Young Living (YL) Blog for a natural Sunscreen Recipe,  I stumbled on this Post from 2010.  Interesting read if you are looking for ways to supplement your skin through your nutrition.  I am an avid Tuna lover – I crave it often and when I want it, I must have it!  I did not realize that it contains selenium, which is an important nutrient for those of us that suffer from thyroid disease.  BONUS – Tuna also helps our skin recover from free radicals created by sun exposure (see below) –  yeah!!!

Excerpt From 2010 YL Blog Post:

Here are some additional foods that will help you treat your skin the right way:

  • Safflower Oil

Safflower oil is rich in omega-6 fatty acids, which can provide the ultimate moisture treatment for painfully dry and flaky skin. They keep the cell walls supple, allowing water to better penetrate the skin. If you have excessively dry skin, shoot for an amount that gives you 5–10 percent of your daily calories.

Possible substitute: Cooking oils like borage, soybean, or corn oil.

  • Spinach

It’s thought that the folate in spinach may help and repair DNA, bolstering cells’ ability to renew themselves. The water in spinach also penetrates cell membranes, which makes for plumper, more resilient, and less wrinkled skin. Definitely an extra reason to follow Popeye’s lead!

Possible substitution: Collard greens.

  • Sweet Potatoes

This vegetable packs a big vitamin C punch, which is essential for collagen production. The more collagen in your skin, the better and less wrinkled it looks. Consuming the vitamin C in just half a sweet tater a day could significantly decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Possible substitution: Carrots (1 large or 16 baby), orange juice (6 ounces).

  • Tomatoes

Lycopene, the phytochemical that makes tomatoes red, helps eliminate skin-aging free radicals caused by UV rays. Your body gains the most sun shielding benefits when the vegetable is heated. Just a half a cup of cooked tomatoes or pasta sauce has 16 milligrams of lycopene; along with the ample amount of sunscreen, this daily dose will help keep your skin out of the red. Spaghetti anyone?

Possible substitution: Watermelon.

  • Tuna

Tuna is a good source of selenium, which works to preserve elastin, a protein that keeps your skin smooth and tight. It is also believed to buffer against the sun and stop the free radicals created by UV exposure from damaging cells. Just three ounces or half a can daily can do wonders!

Possible substitution: Brazil nuts (about 12), turkey (1 cup).

—Rebecca Jarvis

Product Manager, Essential Living

Swing into Spring with April Promos!

Spring is in the air!  Why not do a clean sweep of your home with this month’s promos from Young Living?  You’ll be cleaning anyway..  Something about this time of year just makes us want to start fresh!

I can’t say enough good things about Thieves Household Cleaner.  It is AMAZING and it revolutionized my cleaning world!  Just one capfull to 16 ounces of water in a glass spray bottle and your house will be smelling great and germ free.  It works on tough grime and grease too.  Combine it with Sweet Almond Oil and Orange to make a great smelling wood cleaner/polish.

Tea Tree is another of my favorites – it is so versatile!  Use it on fungal infections (like toe nails and on athletes foot).  It is also good to help prevent hair growth in unwanted places when combined with lavender (mustache anyone?).  It is a great antiseptic for minor scrapes and wounds.  Combine it with orange or lavender, witchhazel and water to make a  room/linen freshening spray.  It can even remove dried latex paint from floors after painting.  The list goes on.

Dragon Time is great to help regulate side effects of changing hormones.  It is a proprietary blend of Fennel, Clary Sage, Marjoram, Lavender, Blue Yarrow, and Jasmine essential oils. This blend can help promote feelings of stability and calm during cycles of moodiness.

I am going to enjoy these promos — I hope you will too!


Fresh March Promos!

Spring is springing all over, oh my!  While I was in New England in December I noticed that my Dad’s Irises were poking out of the ground through the snow.  Not unusual when there is a semi-mild winter there. Then, just 2 weeks ago, they were hit with 3 feet of snow and today it is just about gone.  Even the ski slopes have lost their clean white fluffy coat.  Mother Nature is telling us that it is time for Spring. Forget what Punxsutawney Phil says!

Spring is filled with invigoration.  The trees are budding, the birds are chirping and there are new signs of life in the glistening sunshine outdoors.  How can our homes compete with that?  Spring cleaning – it is a must.  Bust out your Thieves Household Cleaner and go to town!  Put some rosemary, eucalyptus and grapefruit in your diffuser and open the windows and doors.  Rock-out to your favorite I Heart Radio Station, drink a Slique shake and burn some calories while you are at it.  This month’s promo from Young Living is filled items that help you reset and refresh.  Learn more about PV requirements below or to sign up click here.


 Dryer Balls!

Check out these fantastic handmade dryer balls! They are made of 100% pure wool, are wrapped really tight and include a crochet cover so that they will last a very long time! Ditch the toxic, chemical ridden dryer sheets. These balls are good for 4000+ loads!  Wool dryer balls can dry your clothes 20-40% faster and help eliminate wrinkles and static. They also help soften your clothes and make them stay looking new longer. Pair with 2-4 drops (on just 1 ball) of your favorite essential oil if you prefer scent and the purifying benefits!  Wrap with a cute laundry sign and a Young Living essential oil for a cute eco-sensible holiday gift. 

Can you achieve a ‘true clean’ with Essential Oil Cleaners?

When I was pregnant with my son, my husband and I decided to dump all of our chemical cleaners in fear of the adverse effects they could have on our little boy’s health.  I had heard horror stories of children being rushed to the ER from drinking bleach and was not about to have this happen in my home!  It was not easy to make the change.  In fact, slowly, over time, even though I had an abundance of the ‘natural’ cleansers at my disposal, the harsh chemical ones made their way back into our home.  In particular, the bleach ridden bathroom cleaners.  And the reason was not because the natural ones I had been using did not work, it was because the toxic ones provided a ‘true clean’ smell.  The one that we all grew up with (even though it did not smell particularly good) and we knew it meant ‘clean’.

There has been a lot of research done on toxic cleaners – bleach specifically has been proven to irritate the respiratory system and anybody around bleach is more likely to have allergies, asthma and be prone to things like bronchitis.  Bleach can affect a person even when in a closed bottle.  The last 2x I cleaned with bleach, I got a cracked lip that took weeks to heal.

So, once again, we trashed the bleach and went on a mission to find a product to replace it that was safe, smelled good (i.e. clean) and was tough on soap scum and mold.  Since I did not absolutely love the smell of the first brand I tried, I decided to try Young Living Thieves Household Cleaner on the recommendation of a friend.  Thieves Household Cleaner cleans EVERYTHING!  My shower, my floors, my counters..  It can even be added to your laundry for extra soiled loads.  You can add it to baking soda to scrub your kitchen sink.  There is nothing it can’t do!   And the smell is absolutley amazing.

So, if you ask my husband and I if you can achieve a ‘true clean’ with Young Living Essential Oils and Cleaners, the answer is a resounding YES!  Try it, we dare you!

Natural Cleaning
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Move over Salt and Pepper, Oils are here to stay!

Yesterday I made a trade with a friend for this AMAZING Oil Spinner Rack!  Now all of my Young Living Kitchen Oils are within arms reach while I am creating any food masterpiece.  Thieves Tea, Orange and Peppermint Brownies, Sage Jalapeño Poppers, Jade Lemon Citrus Cake – the list goes on..  Cooking with Oils takes practice and finesse.  Sometimes you use the Oils for flavor and sometimes for their health benefit – no matter which way, I am looking forward to experimenting just a little bit more in my kitchen this winter.

Essential Oils – Your first line of defense..

The other night my husband and I sat down to eat dinner with our 5 year old.  Like any other night, our son was being crazy at the dinner table – climbing on the chair, under the table and walking in circles.  …And of course he did not want to eat what was put in front of him!  The comments started flying — Dad says “This is not a short order restaurant”, Mom “This is what we have, if you don’t eat, no more food until breakfast”, Son “I can’t eat ALL of this – it’s disgusting!”.  And so it goes night after night like many other homes around the World.

After dinner and dishes, my son and I retreated to the Family Room to play a game.  My husband was no longer sitting at the table and so I figured he went upstairs or in the garage.  About 30 minutes later, I noticed he was laying on the Living Room floor in abdominal distress.  I said, “why didn’t you tell me?  Let’s try an oil!”  And so I reached into my medicine cabinet and grabbed the TummyGize.  TummyGize is the kids version of Young Living’s Digize.  I remembered that a few weeks back our son had a stomachache  and within minutes of applying to his belly, he felt better.  And so, we agreed it was worth a try.  Shortly after application,  my husband joined in on our game in the Family Room.  I asked him if he felt better (already knowing he did!) and he begrudgingly answered  “yes”.  Like many (even me in the beginning) he is an oils skeptic.  For him it will take many instances such as this to make him a true believer.

While I cannot cure the pickiness of our children when it comes to dinnertime, I can tell you that Young Living’s Essential Oils for a first line of defense are worth a try!  This is not meant by any means to say that Essential Oils cure, prevent or treat disease.

Our bodies are all different and have different needs.  Certain Oils will work for some while others do not.  Going natural is worth a try!


How Acidic are Citrus Oils?

When I got married in 2004 I jumped on the bandwagon and whitened my teeth to make sure they would be sparkly white when we said our “I do’s”. I have regretted it every day since as my teeth became so sensitive! I made the switch to Young Living’s natural, fluoride free, essential oil infused toothpaste and mouthwash about 3 years ago– my mouth has never felt better. And now I can whiten naturally with just 1 drop of orange oil during my daily ‘brush’.…/are-citrus-oils-safe-for-you…/

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