In a slump? Reach your Highest Potential..

When I first came across ‘Highest Potential’ Essential Oil Blend from Young Living I was skeptical of it its powers to make me excel.  I was advised from a fellow oiler that putting ‘Motivation’ blend on one foot and ‘Highest Potential’ on the other would work wonders on my focus and ability to achieve my goals.  At first, I DESPISED the aroma of the oil.  It reminded me of a perfume my Grandmother used to buy for me at Christmastime from Avon.  While the aroma brought back these lovely memories, it definitely was not my favorite smell.

After going through a period of feeling a bit drained and unmotivated, I decided to try the oil.  I slathered my feet with a couple drops (NEAT/undiluted) and went to sleep.  The next day I felt better – completed some items on my task list and overall just felt a bit more motivated.  I tried it again the next night and the next day I was off to the races!  This oil is amazing I thought!  Since I felt back in my groove, I did not apply again for another week or so.  When I feel down, I apply it — it helps me and I actually LOVE and CRAVE the aroma from this amazing blend now.

Like I said, at first I was skeptical that the naming convention of some of the oil blends were just a marketing scheme and could not actually do what they imply.  Then I thought my mind was playing tricks on me – like it was a placebo effect.  BUT I am here to say that there is science behind this and that this oil has truly brought out my Highest Potential.  I use it when I am facing a challenging day or just need an extra boost.

Want to try it?  You can sign-up or order it retail here.

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